Hemp Wine

Hemp WineRed wine, white wine, hemp wine? Hemp wine isn’t a whole new kind of wine. But it’s certainly an addition to all sorts of wine you already know. As far as we know, there’s only one vendor of Hemp Wine. According to this vendor, it tastes better then any other wine.

Hemp Wine by Cousin Mary Jane

Cousin Mary Jane doesn’t just sell wine. A whole range of products is available at the online shop, including a hand-made bag to carry your wine with you. It all looks gorgeous. You’ll definitely find here something you like.

You can also make it yourself

Another option is to make Hemp Wine yourself. We already found a recipe for you. Just follow the instructions and your very own wine will be ready in about six months. Yes, it’s wine, so please be patient. Otherwise it doesn’t taste well, and that’s what it is all about.

  • Ariella-RiRi

    I’m eager to try some!!!

  • MaryJanes420

    Check out these deliciously smooth hemp wines from Black Prince Winery in spectacular Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada eh? http://www.blackprincewinery.com

  • Richard L

    so where do we buy this stuff ?

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